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Dear Gail Carson Levine,

Some books are just lines on a page, but your book Ella Enchanted gives me a glimpse of what life would be like if I were forced to be someone that I’m not. This book spoke to me especially because like Ella when something gets me down, I do not just give up, I get right back up and keep on fighting. Your book Ella Enchanted showcased to me that in life there are going to be obstacles that come your way and you will need a great deal of determination to overcome them and keep moving forward.

The first thing that really caught my eye was that Ella was able to overcome all the obstacles that came her way. I was impressed by how Ella found a way to get herself out of the clutches of ogres. This part of the book spoke to me because she showed that there is no obstacle too big to overcome.

Another thing that really stuck with me throughout this book was how Ella didn't let fear run her life, she used her determination to get her where she wanted to be. The way Ella thought she would not make it in time to the wedding to get to, but she never let her determination slip and made it just in time. This shows that when you think you can’t do something, never lower your head and keep on going so you accomplish it. This shows determination. In life I have been in a spot when I needed determination to get me through a big test that needed to be completed. With determination I was able to finish and get a great grade on it.

The final thing that popped out to me in your novel was to have the ability to keep moving forwards in life. Ella showed me that moving forward is a part of growing up in life because when she had not managed to get rid of her curse it did not stop her from keeping her head high and moving forward. Later in the book I had found out that the curse had been broken over true love's kiss. This showed me that when something bad happens in life you can’t “Dwell on the past you have to focus on the present”. I have gone through a bit of a rough patch with my friend group, we were getting mad at each other for the littlest of things. I was able to move forwards and find different people to hang out with and they ended up being better friends to me then I had before.

All of these qualities show how Ella is a girl that when obstacles come her way she has a great deal of determination to keep herself moving forward in life. The reason I got pulled to read this book is because like me, Ella does not just give up at the first site of trouble, she keeps on going through the hard time that happen in life. Thank you for creating the character Ella, she has opened my eyes to how strong you have to be to be able to make it through life.


Claire VanderWeele, Grade 8
# 2852 - Claire VanderWeele 02/04/2021 - 08:20 - City: Hudsonville 49420 - State: Michigan - Country: United States of America
Mrs. Levine,

I love your books! Out of them all, my favorite would be Ella Enchanted. I started reading your books at age eight (Ella Enchanted was my first) and now, six years later I have read them all and many of them multiple times. Just yesterday, I finished Ella Enchanted for the 27th time. No matter how many times I read it, I always pick up on something I did not before, and it makes the story a bit of a mystery.

Whenever I have a friend or family member who is searching for a funny and absorbing book, I recommend Ella Enchanted and if I have already recommended it to them, I recommend Fairest, Ever, The Wish, or Two Princess of Bamarre.

Your writing has inspired me to start writing my own stories and create my own worlds. All of the characters you have created are nothing short of genius. I have grown up reading your writing and then re-reading it!

The one thing that I did notice is that in Fairest, Aza has three siblings (Areida, Ollo, and Yarry), but in Ella Enchanted when Ella reads the passage from Areida’s Diary(Chapter 26), it mentions that when Areida’s mother broke the vase because she was nervous and all of the family members picked the pieces of the floor, the people who picked it up are Areida, her mother and father, Ollo, Uflimu, Isti, and Ettime. Who are Uflimu, Isti, and Ettime? Are they servants? Where is Yarry? Has Aza already gone to Ontio? Is that why she is not there?

Again, your books are incredible!
# 2851 - Jackie 01/30/2021 - 14:57 - City: Estacda - State: Oregon - Country: United States
Ms. Levine,

This evening, for the first time in a decade or so, I reread "The Two Princesses of Bamarre". I'm 26 now, but I still love the story as much as I did in 2002.

Having gone on to read lengthy, magic-heavy sagas like The Kingkiller Chronicle and A Song of Ice and Fire, I'm struck by how you managed to build a world, develop characters, and fulfill a quest all within a book that I can now finish in one sitting without feeling cheated.

Thank you for creating two brave young women for me to admire (not to mention all those in your other books), and for inspiring me to become a writer myself. You're one of the first authors I can remember asking about at the library, just to be sure I'd read everything available that you'd written.

Best wishes and warmest regards,
Maddie M
# 2850 - Maddie 01/20/2021 - 00:33 - City: Sioux Falls - State: South Dakota - Country: USA
Dear Ms. Levine,
I have read some of your books, and my favorite one is Ella Enchanted. I also especially like Fairest. I think you are a great writer. I think Ella Enchanted is better than the traditional Cinderella.

# 2849 - Rose Storck 01/15/2021 - 13:36 - City: Columbus - State: Ohio - Country: United States
Lillian Lea McCarthy, Eighteen times! Wow! I'm so glad you read DAVE with your students. Thanks for letting me know!

Karen J. Docter, Thank you! Oh, my, studying with Professor Netanyahu. What an experience that must have been!

Sidsel, I'm so glad FAIREST was helpful and that you've found people who really see you. Thanks for letting me know!

Lily, I'm delighted you and your class enjoyed CEILING. You came up with the right answer to your first question. As for the second, historically, most marriages were arranged by parents. After the expulsion, the rabbis and Jewish parents decided to arrange marriages for their daughters, even if they were too young, to protect them on their way to their new home, wherever that might be. Loma didn't have a choice. Later, on the ship, she resolves to make her own choice the next time. Each title has a different story. A CEILING MADE OF EGGSHELLS comes from a legend about King Solomon.

Eli G., I'm happy you wrote to me, although my answer may not satisfy you. I like to put complexity in my stories, in both plot and character. Belo isn't honest with Loma. He wants her to stay with him and not marry for as long as he needs her. At the end, he's willing for her to marry the young man he's chosen, because he believes they'll both travel with him and help him. Loma didn't have a choice about her marriage, and she considers her husband too young to be right for her. The closest thing I can come to a theme is the value of strength and resilience in terrible circumstances. Loma and Belo show those. Belo's highest commitment is to the Jewish community, and Loma's is to her family.
# 2848 - Gail Carson Levine 01/07/2021 - 17:03 - City: - State: - Country:

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