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hello! I love your writing. your books make me really happy whenever I reread them. all of your books are amazing, and I'm so excited to read even more of them. 😆😆 thank you for everything you've done, its all amazing.
# 2857 - piper huizenga 02/25/2021 - 18:10 - City: chicago - State: Illinois - Country: USA
Hi, Gail! I first wanted to say what an AMAZING author you are! I just finished Ella Enchanted, and it was a wondrous story! I loved it. I just have one question about it though. In the end, Ella mentioned that she refused to become a princess. Why is this? and I didn't think it possible since she married the prince and will be the queen one day. I loved the book thoroughly, but ever since I finished it, I've always had this thought.

Truthfully Yours,
Mauriele Fields:-D
# 2856 - Mauriele Fields 02/16/2021 - 23:11 - City: Kansas City - State: Missouri - Country: United States
To Rae, Robyn, Claire, and Maddie, Thank you very much!

To Jackie--Argh! I wrote FAIREST years after I wrote ELLA, which I reread before I started writing but I forgot Areida's siblings. It's a mistake, and you are--after all these years--the first to mention it. I never realized! Thank you for letting me know! And I'm so glad you enjoy my books!
# 2855 - Gail Carson Levine 02/09/2021 - 19:30 - City: - State: - Country:
Mrs. Levine,
Thank you for your stories, especially Ella Enchanted. I read it for the first time in third grade and even now as a 26 year old I still read it every summer. I'm so passionate about learning languages and I trace it back to Ella and her dictionary! Growing up, she was the first female protagonist I ever read who didn't care about being beautiful and graceful. She was clumsy and rebellious, and best of all she was intelligent and strong! Thank you for giving us Ella; I love her in my soul.
# 2854 - Rae 02/05/2021 - 20:54 - City: Sacramento - State: CA - Country: USA
Dear Mrs. Carson Levine,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your books as a child and even now as an adult. The first book of yours I ever read was The Two Princesses of Bamarre. My friendly local librarian gave it to me, and it was a frequent check out and favorite of mine. I always admired Addie's courage, and I hope that I've grown to be a little like her. Thank you for writing and giving young girls strong figures to admire.
# 2853 - Robyn 02/04/2021 - 21:01 - City: Durham - State: NC - Country: USA
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