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Dear Mrs.Levine,
I love your books. I was so happy when I got OGRE ENCHANTED for Christmas. LOST KINGDOM OF BAMARE is my total favorite.I love writing, and ideas come quickly for me. I think of a great story,I write it down, than I get stuck. I have, like, 9 stories started and brain blocked from it. Even the story I've gotten the farthest on. Have any tips? Writer stuck,
# 2728 - Annabeth 01/15/2019 - 13:01 - City: Auburn - State: Maine - Country: USA
Dear Mrs. Levine,
Oh my goodness! Where do i even start? Your books have been such an amazing experience and inspiration for me! Especially Ella Enchanted, which will always be a top favorite ;-) Speaking of which, i have a question, a technical one which ties both Ella and Ogre Enchanted (which i also love by the way!). And i read in an earlier blog post that you like these kind of questions so here goes! How come in Ella Enchanted the currency in Kyrrya are called KJs while in Ogre Enchanted they're referred to as KIs? Does it have something to do with the specific time? Or ruler? Or something else? It would mean a lot if you could let me know because its SERIOUSLY been making me curious!! Anyway, thank you for being such an amazing writer, and keep it up!!
your #1 fan,
# 2727 - Vanessa 01/07/2019 - 22:12 - City: Brooklyn - State: NY - Country: america
Hi, Mrs.Levine! I got your two books, Writer to Writer, and Writing Magic, for Christmas and I love them!!!! :-)
I am currently writing a 20 something, chapter novel. And, I was wondering, do you have any tips on how long to make your chapters? I have been doing 3 and 12 pages but, I feel its not enough. Can you help? Thanks!! love your work, its so motivating!! P.S im 10 years old
# 2726 - Reece Turner 12/30/2018 - 19:25 - City: salt lake city - State: Utah - Country: USA
Hello, my name is Karina Clark. I am writing this message in hopes that I can express how much I love your books. Lately I have read all of them that I can get my hands on and have found lots of helpful lessons that have given me confidence in myself because of the characters' personalities and how they find ways to love who they are even through their problems. I am an artist and spend lots of my free time drawing, painting, or sketching, but as much as art, I love to read. Your books have been good inspiration for my art. Mostly they have taught me how to love and trust others and myself.
~ Your most grateful reader, Karina Clark :-D
# 2725 - Karina Clark 12/27/2018 - 21:39 - City: Staunton - State: Virginia - Country: USA
Emily--Congratulations on all your progress! Don't forget to create problems for your RP characters.

Paloma--Thank you! Once I gave Ella her curse, I had to figure out how she might deal with it.

Haley--Thank you! I love mythology, especially the Greek myths.

Jessie--I didn't start writing books until I was thirty-nine years old, but most writers start earlier than I did--and that doesn't stop them.
# 2724 - Gail Carson Levine 12/18/2018 - 08:51 - City: - State: - Country:
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