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Dear Mrs. Levine,
I am a thirteen year old homeschooler and book lover.
I first read Ella Enchanted over a year ago and loved it. A few months ago I was at a bookstore and when I saw Ella Enchanted and Fairest. I bought them.
Since then I have read eight of your books, and right now I am working on The Two Princesses of Bamarre and enjoying it immensely.

Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

# 2904 - Helen - 08/08/2022 - 06:47 - City: - State: - Country:
Dear Gail Carson Levine,
I just wanted to say that I have read almost all your books and I love them. Ella Enchanted is one of my all time favorite books. I also loved reading your books about writing that you wrote from your blog. I just wanted to let you know I took a prompt from your book Writer to Writer about telling the story of an object from their point of view. I am writing a short story from the point of view of the Titanic. I have lots of resources and facts that I am reading so that it will be, for the most part, all true facts. Anyway, thank you for your blog, books, and all your advice in your writing books. I wish you the best in your future writing adventures, not that you need it or anything.
-Elly Youngstrom
# 2903 - Elly E Youngstrom 07/25/2022 - 13:44 - City: Teton - State: ID - Country: United States
Dear Mrs. Gail C Levine,
First I want to say how I'm so happy to have found people like me who enjoyed your books. It was this year that I had the time and read Ella Enchanted. I watched the movie when I was young and yet continues to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I guess I was hesitant thinking that this would make me like it less. what a fool I was to think that. it made me love the book more than the movie. as I got to know Ella better. My question to you is, will there be a film series or a film adaptation that would reflect more of the book?.

yours truly,
# 2902 - Gina 07/24/2022 - 19:54 - City: - - State: - - Country: -
When I was eleven or twelve a lovely school librarian gave me a copy of Writing Magic after thwarting my constant attempts to ditch class and hide away in the library to write. I read and scribbled ideas in that book until it fell apart and fell from my memory. Today while in a book shop a title jumped out at me. Then it came home with me. These days I am twenty-four and it is a lot less magical than being twelve. Rediscovering this book is the first step I have taken in years to change that. Thank you for your help then, and thank you for still being here now.
# 2901 - Jackson 05/29/2022 - 21:22 - City: Northampton - State: Massachusetts - Country: USA
I’m a twenty-nine-year-old fiction writer and editor, and I’ve wanted to send you a fan letter for a long time. I decided to express my appreciation for “Ella Enchanted” in an article on Tor about the life lessons I’ve gleaned from the story as a child, teen, and adult. Every twenty-something and thirty-something female writer I’ve talked to has gushed about how “Ella Enchanted” shaped their own writing. You’ve inspired generations of writers and creators, which is such a beautiful thing that I can hardly put it into words.

“The Two Princesses of Bamarre” remains one of the most original and transformative fantasy romance novels out there. Growing up, I devoured every installment in your Princess Tales series, which I found delightfully strange (“The Fairy’s Mistake” is my favorite). I also keep a special place in my heart for your contemporary novels, particularly “Dave at Night.”

Thank you for all that you do. Your blog and writing craft books are filled with a passion for storytelling and encouragement for all writers. I value that so much, and I aspire to embody those qualities, too.
# 2900 - Diane - 05/27/2022 - 14:19 - City: Columbus - State: OH - Country: USA
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