A thoroughly delicious romp from the author of Ella Enchanted (1997).... The plot is winningly unpredictable, the characters easy to relate to, the humor subtle and the action well-paced. Newbery Honor–winner Levine has once again breathed new life into old stories.

....In theme and plot this story plays with Puss in Boots—and in homage to that fairy tale's origins, perhaps, Levine slyly slips in French puns (Jonty Um: "gentil homme"; Princess Renn: "reine"). Levine's strength lies in her transparent language and the candid, uncomplicated voice of her narrator, who brings younger readers along with her as she questions assumptions, grows in friendship, works out the mystery, and makes brave escapes.
Horn Book

....Readers are certain to be pulled, like Elodie herself, right into the midst of the rich and swirling life of Two Castles.
School Library Journal's Elodie's homespun charm and the originality of the unusual dragon and ogre as characters that will keep readers turning the pages.

....With a faint echo of Puss in Boots, [she] crafts a persuasive fantasy realm and a capable heroine. Readers should enjoy watching Elodie hone her powers of deduction to unravel the mystery of the ogre's sudden disappearance, and will likely anticipate further sleuthing adventures with this companionable duo.
Publishers Weekly