On the book jacket

Ralph said, "Rain tomorrow." Burt said, "Barley needs it. You're covered with cinders, Ellis." Ralph thought that was funny. "That's funny." He laughed. "That's what we should call him—Cinderellis." Burt guffawed.

In this unusual spin on the old favorite, Cinderella is a boy! He's Cinderellis, and he has two unfriendly brothers and no fairy godmother to help him out. Luckily, he does have magic powders, and he intends to use them to win the hand of his Princess Charming—that is Marigold. The only problem is—Marigold thinks Cinderellis is a monster!

In this fourth of her Princess Tales, Levine breathes new life and new fun into a little-known tale and proves that determination, imagination, and kindness can carry the day.

HarperCollins Children's Books, 2000