7/17/2023 Prompts

  • The new Science and History Museum is holding a treasure hunt for its opening event. Clues will lead participants to the treasure, a certificate entitling the winner to the thing he or she needs most. (You decide what that is.) Naturally, the clues will be hidden, and participants will have to use all their senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch) to find them. Write what happens.
  • Your main character Jules is on a European vacation with his (or her) parents. They’re on a walking tour of the historic section of a city. The tour group stops to allow people to use the bathrooms in the tourism center. When Jules returns to the group, he’s told that his parents left in a hurry and didn’t say where they were going. He sets off to find them. Be sure to include details about the city. Write what happens.
  • Science teacher Mr. Michaels invites three of his students to his house for lunch as a reward for doing well on a test. The students like him but they’re aware that he’s a little odd. Describe their first impressions of his house and what he serves them for lunch. Write what happens.
  • Your main character, Alex, is on a school trip to the local botanical garden. She’s (or he’s) on the outskirts of the clump of students while their teacher lectures to them in the carnivorous plant section (like Venus flytraps). She notices a roped-off area with a sign that says, “No entry,” where the plants are much bigger. She unhooks the rope and enters. Write what happens.
  • Write a scene imagining how the future dictator of the world would behave if left alone in someone’s kitchen. Use the kitchen and things that are in it when you write what happens.

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