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I think this is worth an extra, quick post, though it’s probably for your younger siblings or your children. Starting a few days ago, Barnes & Noble is sponsoring a writing contest for kids between six and twelve and publishing the winners in an anthology, which will have a foreword by me. (I will not be one of the judges.) Here’s a link for the details:

  1. Elizabeth Schlatter says:

    Dear Gail,
    I know this is off topic but my 10 year old daughter and I loved seeing you at the Books of Wonder tea. She has been asked to do a virtual forensics meet for her school in about 2 1/2 weeks time. We were wondering if you could tell us what passage you read from Ogre Enchanted or if there is any other passage that you would recommend — she has to memorize it and give it with expressions, “virtual” eye contact, etc., so what better choice could there be than something you wrote? If you have a minute we would love your feedback. If not, stay safe, keep writing, and thank you for your words. My daughter has re-read your books during our seven (and counting) weeks of a stay at home order, and they have brightened her days. Thank you for your magic!

    Kathryn & Elizabeth Schlatter

    • Gail Carson Levine says:

      Dear Kathryn and Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I don’t remember what I read! I’m pretty sure I read from the first chapter, and I’m also pretty sure I ended when Wormy tells Evie she’s an ogre. I’d recommend that your daughter pick a selection from the beginning that pleases her. For this purpose, she may want to cut sentences and words that don’t deliver a punch. I won’t be insulted, because that’s what I do when I read to an audience.


  2. Good luck, Lily!

    My little sister is so excited to enter her story! Also means she and I are BOTH entering writing contests (mine is a more local one for 18+). We’ll see how this goes.

  3. Wow, can I just say what a big fan I am? I love fantasy, and your books combine the perfect real world/ fantasy genre. Please keep writing them. I am so excited about this contest. You are such an amazing author, and I cannot wait to read this anthology! I am entering it, and I hope everyone else who enters does amazing!!

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