Not a post but a plea. My new writing book, which is based on the blog and which will be out early in 2015, will be called Writer to Writer. That’s settled, but it needs a subtitle and all the minds involved, mine and my editor’s and her team’s, are struggling. I would appreciate ideas. The subtitle of Writing Magic is Creating Stories That Fly. This subtitle needs to be different. If you work on this, keep in mind that the book covers poems as well as stories. One more thing: the subtitle probably shouldn’t mention the blog, although I talk about the blog throughout the book, except for the poetry section.

If you come up with the subtitle we use, I will be delighted to acknowledge you and your contribution in the book.

Thank you, thank you, those of you who give this a try!

  1. No idea if any of these are any good, but perhaps they'll spark something that's actually good.

    Advice that pays it forward
    Paying it forward
    Because words are difficult and writers understand
    Because no one writer has it all figured out
    Pointers and prompts
    Save what you write!
    Real-life writing dilemmas and ideas

  2. How about:

    Writer to Writer;
    Questions, Answers, and Prompts for and from Real Life Writers

    I know its a little word, but if there can be a book called Princess Bride with the subtitle 'Morgenston's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure' then go for it!!! Short titles arent' everythin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Here are some off the top of my head:

    "Writer to Writer: Bringing Your Words to Life"
    "Writer to Writer: Fixes For Sticky Situations"
    "Writer to Writer: It Lives!" (I don't know if that works at all, but it made me laugh when I thought of it and so couldn't resist!)
    "Writer to Writer: Finding Your Voice" (I just realized that this one is really similar to Kamee's).
    "Writer to Writer: Giving Your Words the Breath of Life"

    I don't know if these helped, but good luck! I can't wait until the book comes out!

  4. These came into the website. I hope they stimulate even more ideas.

    Dear Mrs. Levine,
    I read your "plea" as you call it, on your blog and brainstormed a few:
    #1. Writer to Writer
    From me to you

    #2.(Along with above)
    Writer to Writer
    From one writer to the next

    #3. Writer to Writer
    Help on how to write a _____ book

    #4. Writer to Writer
    It's not just typing words
    (This was really random but just a suggestion, although it does go along with one of you posts, if I'm correct.)

    #5. Writer to Writer
    How to write beautiful things

    #6. Writer to Writer
    Let's use our imagination
    (Or you can do something like that.. I just like the idea of the word imagination in it.)

    I hope that these will spark some imagination into them. Oh and by the way, on the 2nd suggestion, ____ (blank) means that it can be a variety of words… Glorious was the one I was thinking the most.
    "Writer to Writer
    Help on how to write a glorious book"
    Of course it can be tons of other words… wonderful, charming, outstanding, terrific and loads of other words.
    I hope this has been helpful!
    Writer At Heart

  5. Write to Writer: Because writing isn't just novels

    Writer to Writer: The key to writing

    Writer to Writer: How to write what people will enjoy reading

    Writer to Writer: Even the best of the best need advice

    Writer to Writer: The guide to marvelous writing

    Writer to Writer: Because all types of writing need acknowledgment

    Writer to Writer: Be not afraid of greatness (taken from a Shakespeare quote ;))

    Writer to Writer: To make your writing unique…..

    Writer to Writer: Anyone can be a great writer

    Writer to Writer: A Great writer can come from anywhere

    Writer to Writer: How to find the write word

  6. "Writer to Writer: Free Your Imagination"

    "Writer to Writer: From the Mind to the Page"

    "Writer to Writer: Helpful Tips for Writing a Fantastic Book"

    Good luck with your book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ooh, this is fun! Here's a few:
    A Helping Word
    A Mentor in Meter
    All Things Pretty and Poetic
    Advice for Novels and Verse
    We Learn As We Go
    Because it's what authors do! (I dunno if that makes sense)

  8. Hmmm…

    Writer to Writer: When You Believe
    Writer to Writer: Manner, Meter, and Meaning (pulled these from the tags on the side)
    Writer to Writer: Dialogue, Didactics, and Deadlines
    Writer to Writer: As The Story Unfolds
    Writer to Writer: Pacing, Planning, and Plot

    (sorry, enough of those alliterative ones — the point is to take three of the tags from your blog and add them to the title as a possibility/to spark creative thought)

    Writer to Writer: Making Your Own Magic (or just Making Magic)
    Writer to Writer: All The Little Things

  9. Ooh, this seems like a fun assignment! Let's see . . .
    Writer to Writer: The Plot Thickens
    Writer to Writer: Discovering Your Inner Author
    Writer to Writer: As the Page Turns
    Writer to Writer: The Magic of Storytelling
    Writer to Writer: From Pen to Paper
    Writer to Writer: Creating Enchanting Tales
    Writer to Writer: Letting Your Imagination Run Wild
    Writer to Writer: Penning Enchanting Words
    Writer to Writer: Unlocking the Door to Your Imagination (Imagination could be substituted for a good many other words, I'm sure. Any suggestions?)
    Writer to Writer: Battling Writer's Block
    Writer to Writer: Uncovering the Joy Writing Brings
    Hope those helped!

  10. I'm putting together a list to send my editor. You're coming up with terrific ideas! And the poet in me loves the great sounds, the rhymes, the alliterations! If you conjure up more, send them along, please.

  11. More from the website:

    Hi Mrs. Levine!
    I saw your plea for help on your blog, but posting a comment there wouldn't have really worked for me, so I thought I would just post it here. Thanks! Here it is:

    Totally off of the top of my head:
    Writer to Writer: We've got a few tips
    Writer to Writer: Because we're all novices in this art
    Writer to Writer: It comes from the heart
    Writer to Writer: From pen to pen
    Writer to Writer: No one person has all the answers

    Hope they are able to spark a few ideas!

  12. Writer to Writer: entering the world of imagination.
    Writer to Writer: from one pen to another.
    Writer to Writer: welcome to world of make believe.
    Writer to Writer: pen and ink ponderings.

  13. There have been so many great suggestions. All of my good ones are already taken!

    Of those suggested above, my favorites are "From Me to You" and "A Mentor in Meter." (I like the idea of a mentorship implied in the subtitle.)

  14. Writer to Writer: How to Write More
    Writer to Writer: Typing Away
    Writer to Writer: Proving Bob Wrong
    Writer to Writer: Anything is Allowed
    Writer to Writer: Making Dreams Reality
    Writer to Writer: Showing and Telling

  15. Writer to Writer: More than Mere Prose
    Writer to Writer: Enchanting your Words
    Writer to Writer: The Author in Everyone
    Writer to Writer: From Your Mind to the Pen
    Writer to Writer: Mentoring Kindred Spirits
    Writer to Writer: Sublime Stories
    Writer to Writer: Spinning Splendid Stories
    Writer to Writer: Continuing the Tale
    Writer to Writer: Language of the Author
    Writer to Writer: Improving Works Together
    Writer to Writer: Surprisingly Simple
    Writer to Writer: A Journey of Words
    Writer to Writer: Producing Publication
    Writer to Writer: Conjuring Classics
    Writer to Writer: Thoughts for Tales

  16. Writer to Writer: From Inspiration to Completion
    Writer to Writer: Finding Your Story
    Writer to Writer: More Than Just Words
    Writer to Writer: Creating Poems and Stories That Rock
    Writer to Writer: Learning Your Style

  17. More from Anna Marie to the website:

    Writer to Writer: finding the words that pierce the heart and nudge the soul
    Writer to Writer: the key to unlock the door to your mind
    Writer to Writer: the power of life and death
    Writer to Writer: the power of the written word
    Writer to Writer: the pen is mightier than the sword
    Writer to Writer: the entrance to another world

  18. I've been thinking and thinking, ever since I saw this post! Sadly, I doubt anything I have come up with will be of help, but I figured I might as well post it anyway. I'm glad to hear you and your editor are making progress though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    From Writer to Writer….
    * Nothing is Impossible
    * A Guide For The Bookish Soul
    * Tips on Completing Your Written Masterpiece
    * A Collection of Literary Wisdom
    * Beyond Reading Between The Lines
    * Some NOVEL Ideas For You!
    * Keys to Imagination
    * Unlocking the Author Inside Of You
    * Unleashing the Power of the Pen

    And some words I used to come up with my ideas that might inspire the rest of you here…

    Ideas = Keys = Tips = Hints = Guide = Suggestions = Bright = Masterpiece = Poetic = Novel = Composition = Possibility = Write = Pen = Author = Imagination = Dream

  19. Eliza, FROM THINK TO INK that is catchy! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Charles, VISION AND REVISION that's great too!
    My fellow Hannah, "Finding the WRITE Word" there's a good one! LOL

  20. Writer to Writer: Discovering a world of words
    Writer to Writer: Capturing Ideas, then Setting Them Free or just Setting Your Ideas Free
    Writer to Writer: The Writer's Journey

  21. More from the website:

    More suggestions! But some of them may be really long.
    Writer to Writer: Finding your inner author
    Writer to Writer: Setting that imagination free.
    Writer to Writer: Guide to writing
    Writer to Writer: Let's use that imagination
    Writer to Writer: Making dreams come true

    Sorry if I copied off of any of your suggestions.
    Writer At Heart

  22. Writer to Writer: Kindling the Untold Story
    Writer to Writer: Awaken the Words Within
    Writer to Writer: Never Journey Alone
    Writer to Writer: The Best Advice for the Road Ahead
    Writer to Writer: From an Idea to the End.

  23. Hope I didn't copy from anyone else! There are some good ones!

    Writer to Writer: From Me to You
    Writer to Writer: A Perfect Plan for Poetry and Prose
    Writer to Writer: Wonderful Writing Wisdom
    Writer to Writer: A Road Map to Writing
    Writer to Writer: How to Write From Someone Who's Been There and Done That
    (Kind of off your first one) Writer to Writer: Making Stories that Soar
    Writer to Writer: The Key to Unlocking Your Writing Greatness

    I can't wait to read it, whatever the subtitle is!

  24. Wow! I see lots of great ideas so far! :O

    Let me see….

    Writer to Writer: Tips Time Has Given Me
    Writer to Writer: Tips From Time
    Writer to Writer: What Every Writer Wants to Know
    Writer to Writer: Digging Deep
    Writer to Writer: Behind the Craft

    Eeek! Can't wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Writer to Writer: The Power of The Pen/ Making Words Fly/ Magic in the Making/ Woes, Prose, and How It Flows/ There and Back Again- A Writer's Journey/ A Writer's Journey- How Everything Starts/ Jump-Starting Creativity/ Creative's Anonymous/ Evolving Creativity

  26. Writer to Writer: From Creativity to Productivity
    Writer to Writer: Studies in Scriptitation
    Writer to Writer: Curing the Writer's Block

    There are sooo many suggestions here, hope you find a great one!

    And if these are close to anyone's I apologise, there are a lot on here and no copying was intended ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Here's a few:

    Because We All Get Writer's Block
    Bringing Out Your Inner Novelist or Poet
    From Your Mind to the Shelf (or to the Page)
    I've Been There, Too
    Breaking the Fourth Wall
    Adventure is Out There! (don't know if there would be copyright issues, since I got it from "Up!", but I couldn't resist)
    Getting Past the Clichรฉ
    How to Write Powerful Poetry and Prose
    Getting From 'Once Upon a Time' to Happily Ever After'
    Because Clichรฉs Are So Last Century

  28. My goodness, I haven't posted here for ages! I don't know if you remember me – I used to post here as 'Jenna Royal.' Life happened . . . or should I say, high school happened . . . and I haven't had the time to comment anymore ๐Ÿ™ I've still been reading, though, and when I saw this post I had to add a comment. Some title ideas:

    Writer to Writer: Making Your Stories Come Alive
    Writer to Writer: A Guide to Making Your Words Come Alive
    Writer to Writer: Discussions on Making Your Stories Come Alive

    I also love Nikitah Luse's "Making Stories Fly!"

    Good luck with your book, Gail! And thanks for all these wonderful blog posts ๐Ÿ˜‰

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