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Andrea--My latest novel--just out on May 2nd--is a prequel. Addie, Meryl, and Rhys aren't in it, but someone you will recognize is!

Ella Stern--Thanks for letting me know! Good luck with your writing!

Desiree--Thank you for all the compliments! I'm delighted you enjoy my books. I'm pretty sure your library will get THE WISH and DAVE AT NIGHT for you to read if you ask. They can borrow them from another library. I hope you keep writing--you have an exuberant voice!

Juliana--Thanks for telling me! Good luck with your writing!

Joie--Nice to hear from you! The ogres in ELLA and the ogres in TWO PRINCESSES are entirely different, because the worlds are not connected. I like re-imagining magical creatures in new ways.
# 2605 - Gail Carson Levine 06/25/2017 - 17:00 - City: - State: - Country:
Hi Ms. Levine,
Gosh, I always get so excited to have this opportunity to talk to you. It's really an honor.
I was rereading a few of my favorites that you've written, Ella Enchanted and Two Princesses. And I got to thinking. Though we don't encounter ogres in such a personal manner in Two Princesses, I could tell they were different than the ones in Ella. In the case of their speaking, it's described much more harshly in Two Princesses than in Ella, as rocks colliding rather than honey and oil. Anyway, this came as a little interesting to me. I thought maybe the ogres change their characteristics based on their environment. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter. Would love an encyclopedia on all this, lol! 😁
# 2604 - Joie 06/19/2017 - 23:06 - City: - State: CA - Country: U.S.
Hello Mrs. Levine!

I grew up reading your books and as a rising college sophomore I returned to a childhood favorite of mine, "Fairest" which inspired me to continue writing my own fantasy novel.

I would just like to thank you for putting out such amazing books about strong and amazing women who can kick butt in a skirt and it has definitely inspired my life long obsession with fairy tales and the fantasy genre in general. The world needs more stories about marginalized fantasy heroes and I hope to add to that list of stories as well.

In a time where the future is uncertain, it is important that children and even adults have a magical escape and I am so grateful that your books continue to do that for me.

Love Always,
# 2603 - Juliana 06/17/2017 - 20:57 - City: Gilbert - State: Arizona - Country: United States
Hello Gail, mind if I call you Gail? I'm not one for formalities but I suppose I should address you as Mrs Levine.

Hello Mrs Levine, my name is Desiree or Dezzy for short or if you're really lazy you can call me Dez, should it be Dez with two Z's or one, I wouldn't think it would matter much. Enough with the introductions I wrote to to say how awesome your are. Though you probably have already been told how awesome you are you haven't heard it from me. Gail Carson Levine you are awesome. Your books are awesome, fantastic, super, interesting and a bunch of other good adjectives that I currently lack in my vocabulary (my brain is hardly working). I've read all your books......... Ok that's a lie I have not read The Wish or Dave at Night, forgive me, but the reason being, they aren't at the library and second reason being I currently do not possess the funds to purchase them. I love to write stories (though I am possessed with the curse of laziness) and found your book Writer to Writer very helpful. I can't focus on writing only one story, I keep hopping from one story to another like a frog on lily pads. To most likely avoid doing historic research (aka school) for my medieval placed stories I usually write fantasy medieval because when writing fantasy you can make your own world, setting and history but sometimes that can be even harder then research it really depends though. For example Dave at Night you most likely had to do much research but Ella Enchanted you made your own world settings and history though sometimes people base there world's history on real countries. I could not pick my favorite of your​ books but I really like in Fairest how everyone sings, (because I like to sing 24/7) I like the plot in Ella Enchanted, I like the creatures you use in The Two Princess of Bamarre, I like the rupunzle base off in The lost Kindom of Bamarre, ect ect............ I could go on for a while. I'm racking my brain on how I could get money so I can buy Dave at Night or The Wish, I wish I could make money with my stories but the harsh truth is ....... They aren't good, well at least in my eyes they aren't good but what do I know I'm only 13. Ok I know enough to realize that they're bad.
# 2602 - Desiree 06/16/2017 - 23:56 - City: #30 20630 118th Avenue Maple Ridge - State: British Columbia - Country: Canada
I doubt you remember me but you came to my middle school, Whitman, in Seattle, in 2008 during my eighth grade year. I was thirteen (I'm twenty-two now) and I had the honor of shaking your hand. The following week, my school counselor came to see me and her words were that you thought I was charming and you gifted me a copy of your book "The Wish", which I'd read two years before but did not own.

"Ella Enchanted" was a wonderful story, and I live by it, although "The Two Princesses of Bamarre" was the first book of yours that I read. I also read "Fairest" during that year and enjoyed all immensely.

You were the first writer that got me interested in writing books myself. I know people say "Don't meet your heroes", but life is funny sometimes in that, sometimes, meeting your heroes is a truly amazing experience. I loved that not only did you take the time to come to my middle school, but you took a moment to actually greet me one on one, to shake my hand, and to listen to my little thirteen-year-old self telling you how much I truly admired your work.

Thank you so much.

Ella Stern
# 2601 - Ella Stern 06/11/2017 - 06:39 - City: Port Townsend - State: Washington - Country: United States

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